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Company E 18th Missouri Volunteer Infantry

Welcome !

Within this website you will find a host of information on a past time that can take you out of the rigours of of the 21st Century.

Here you will find details of who the 18th Missouri are, how we are organised, how we operate, what we wear, what we do in camp and on the field and how we welcome new recruits such as you !

Once you have been through the various sections of the site, why not contact us and come to one of our events and try it for yourself!

All we ask from a new recruit is that they show enthusiasm and a willingness to work toward our goals.

Our intention is not to glorify war but rather to salute and remember those brave men, in blue and grey, who sacrificed their lives for their country and the causes in which they believed.

           We re-enact in their name, but always in their shadow !